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If you need a good player for this radio, download winamp

FAQ for International galaktees:

1. Where are you from?
- We are from where you are now from and to.

2. Who are you?
- Happy People

3. What kind of music do you play?
- Only real deep house music

4. Your web site is ugly!
- We run a web radio...

5. Shouts?
- Yes, Thank You for visiting Please dance free, smoke can kill, use condoms, and take care!

PLEASE do not spam, use bad language in the shoutbox. Please be nice and..... owwo, Love you!!


L. o. v. e. - Love.


SKYPE: radio.intergalaktik

Press F11 few times, slowly....yeah, it's projector mode...
Now play with your lucky star, to match your room design.